Yacht Management

Flagship International stands at the forefront of innovation in yacht management and maintenance. Our pioneering program is exclusively designed to enhance the boating experience for owners, regardless of their vessel's size.

As the premier destination for superyacht, luxury yacht, and boat management needs, our services encompass a wide range of offerings. From basic exterior wash-downs to meticulously planned maintenance schedules and extensive cosmetic overhauls, we cater to every aspect of yacht upkeep.

Backed by our extensive marine expertise, resources, infrastructure, and dedicated staff, we assure you that your vessel remains in peak condition. Moreover, we excel in overseeing a fleet of privately owned yachts, efficiently managing all maintenance and service requirements.

Our Yacht Management servies include:


At Flagship International, we take immense pride in our comprehensive services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of yacht owners and operators.

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Yacht Engineering

Engineering and preventive maintenance are crucial for your vessel's longevity.

We provide guidelines for routine checks and servicing, ensuring your yacht remains in top condition. Managing regular maintenance can be challenging, but Flagship International can help by developing a tailored maintenance schedule based on manufacturer instructions.

We maintain close relationships with qualified contractors for efficient problem-solving and care. Detailed log books add value when selling. Our engineering and servicing department monitors, maintains, and services our fleet, with a technical manager assigned to each yacht for day to day support. This in-house approach ensures reliability, reduces downtime, saves on servicing costs, and enhances resale value.

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Antifouling & Routine Shipyard Maintenance

Yacht antifouling, propspeed applications, out of water servicing, and underwater maintenance represent essential pillars of Flagship International's operations...

With our own state of the art boat antifouling facility and a proficient team comprising maintenance staff, engineers, and an extensive network of industry-leading tradespeople and subcontractors, we eliver a comprehensive end to end service in this specialised area.

From meticulous antifouling treatments to prop speed applications and thorough underwater inspections, we ensure that your vessel receives the utmost care and attention to detail, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity on the water.

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Account Management & Financials

In line with your unique needs and the maintenance demands of your vessel, Flagship International offers bespoke annual budgeting services.

With meticulous attention to detail, we handle all aspects of financials and budgeting, encompassing maintenance, fuel costs, crew salaries, insurance premiums, and onboard event provisions. Our aim is to meticulously account for every financial aspect of your yacht, devoid of unexpected expenses.

Our personalised budgets provide peace of mind, ensuring you can fully embrace the luxury and freedom of life on the water, confident in our capable hands and freedom of life on the water.

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