Yacht Buyers Agent

Flagship International Yacht Brokers, where honesty, integrity, and a personal approach define our ethos. Founded by Marley Cutbush, our brokerage brings a fresh perspective to the Sydney Yacht Sales industry.

Marley's journey into yachting began with adventurous seasons aboard super yachts and a daring Pacific Ocean crossing from Mexico to Sydney. His passion for the sea, coupled with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and an innate ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, naturally led him to Yacht Sales.

With a decade of successful management in a prestigious Sydney marina and brokerage business, Marley recognized the potential to offer more. Thus, Flagship International Yacht Brokers was born, with a commitment to delivering excellence from Rose Bay and Point Piper Marinas, two of Australia's finest.

At Flagship, we prioritize genuine connections with our clients, understanding their unique yacht preferences to facilitate seamless transactions. This personalized approach sets us apart in an industry often characterized by impersonal dealings.

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What is a Yacht Broker?

A yacht broker serves as the intermediary in yacht transactions, akin to a real estate agent for luxury boats. At Flagship International Yacht Brokers, we assist in selling your yacht while safeguarding your interests. Additionally, we ensure buyers secure the best deal and the vessel they desire, balancing negotiations for both parties.

Who should enlist the services of a buyer’s agent?

Enlisting the services of a buyer’s agent is beneficial for anyone looking to purchase a yacht, especially those navigating the luxury boat market for the first time or seeking specialised guidance. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice enthusiast, a buyer’s agent can provide invaluable expertise, streamline the purchasing process, negotiate on your behalf, and ensure you find the perfect vessel tailored to your preferences and budget.

Why opt for Flagship International as your advocate?

Utilising a yacht broker streamlines the buying and selling process, saving you time and stress. Our expertise ensures optimal listing placement to attract buyers, while also granting access to the finest vessels on the market. With a broker handling negotiations and legalities, you can focus on enjoying the journey.

Additional benefits of utilising Flagship International Yacht Brokers

Client-Centric Approach
Flagship International Yacht Brokers works for you, serving as an independent consultant rather than prioritising the seller's interests.

Negotiation Expertise
Our staff is adept in negotiation tactics, potentially saving you significant sums on the purchase price and enhancing the overall value of your investment.

Daily Valuation Expertise
With a constant focus on vessel valuations, our team's daily immersion in the industry ensures up-to-date market knowledge, unlike individual buyers who make purchases infrequently.

Experienced Research and Negotiation
Benefit from the expertise of seasoned researchers and negotiators who understand the nuances of yacht purchasing, whether acquiring new or pre-loved vessels.

We prioritise discretion when necessary, ensuring confidentiality throughout the buying process.

By swiftly identifying and eliminating unsuitable vessels from the market, we save you valuable time and alleviate stress.

Emotion-Free Decision Making
We assist in removing emotion from the purchasing and negotiation process, enabling clear-headed decision-making.

Cost-Saving Advice
Save money by receiving guidance on what not to buy and what potential pitfalls to avoid.

Access to Exclusive Inventory
Gain access to a broader selection of vessels, including those not actively listed for sale.

Access to Sales History
Leveraging our connections, we can access vessel sales history that is unavailable to the general public, aiding in informed decision-making.

Market Knowledge
We possess a deep understanding of the market and vessel values, ensuring you pay a fair price for your purchase.

Decades of Industry Experience
With decades of experience in the marine industry, our team stays current with evolving technologies and market trends.

Interpretation of Inspection Results
We can interpret the results of pre-purchase inspections, providing clarity and guidance throughout the evaluation process.

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