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We pride ourselves on achieving the best results in everything that we do. When it comes to yacht sales this equates to on-point marketing and identifying qualified buyers.

It takes an extensive network and accurate market intelligence to secure the best results in the yachting market, which is why appointing us as exclusive brokers is a wise decision if you want to maximise your opportunities and achieve successful yacht sales.

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Our dynamic team of brokers have the confidence of the entire yacht market, an assurance that is founded upon and intrinsically linked to the trust of individual clients. Our brokers are all mariners by nature which makes them content experts that buyers turn to.

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We consistently sell the most impressive yachts on the market, dominating yacht sales Sydney and further afield. In-depth market knowledge, honest and transparent advice and unparalleled teamwork all contribute to optimising a successful and timely sale.

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Selling Process

Selling your boat can feel overwhelming, with numerous details to keep track of. Yet, fear not, as Flagship International Yacht Brokers is here to make the journey smooth and satisfying for both you and the buyer of your beloved vessel. Here's a comprehensive step-by-step guide to selling your pre-owned boat through Australia’s leading yachting brokers.

Step 1: Sales Consultant Contact

We will promptly connect you with a knowledgeable Sales Consultant to delve deeper into your requirements. They'll assess if our brokerage package aligns with your needs and, when feasible, schedule a personal inspection of your boat. During this inspection, the Sales Consultant will meticulously complete a Condition Report and comprehensive Inventory, essential for the valuation process and potentially shared with prospective buyers. Your signature will be required on the Inventory to confirm its accuracy. Upholding ethical standards is paramount at Flagship International Yacht Brokers, and we anticipate the same from our clientele. Therefore, it's vital to disclose any pertinent details or historical aspects of your boat that could impact its value or seaworthiness to your Sales Consultant at this stage.

Step 2: Valuation Assessment

Drawing upon historical sales data, current market trends, the condition of your vessel, its location, and various other pertinent factors, your Sales Consultant will provide you with a comprehensive valuation estimate. At Flagship International Yacht Brokers, we pride ourselves on our access to an extensive repository of past sales data within the industry, enabling us to offer you informed and accurate valuations for your boat.

Step 3: Authorisation and Documentation Collection

Once you've determined that Flagship International Yacht Brokers is the ideal choice for selling your boat and are satisfied with the valuation presented by your Sales Consultant, we'll request completion of the Authority to Sell form. Additionally, you'll need to furnish several documents and supplementary information necessary for listing your boat.

Essential Documents and Information:

  • Authority to Sell: Fully completed, initialed, and signed by relevant parties.
  • Registration Documentation: Demonstrating your name or your entity's name as the vessel's owner.
  • Importation Papers (if applicable): All pertinent details regarding the boat's international movements (e.g., clearance papers) are necessary for addressing any Customs inquiries that may arise.
  • Insurance Certificate of Currency: Every boat under our management must possess its own insurance policy with public liability coverage, a requirement for most marinas or boatyards where your vessel may be stored.
  • Identification: A copy of your Driver's License (for Australian Residents) or Passport (for Overseas Residents), along with a Company Registration Certificate if the selling entity is a company. The Company Registration Certificate must designate you as the authorised representative of the entity.
  • Proof of Ownership: Previous Bill of Sale (for pre-owned boats) or purchase invoice (for new boats), serving as evidence that you or your entity are the rightful owners of the boat being sold.
  • Photos & Videos (optional): If available, please provide photos (especially exterior shots) and/or videos of your boat to your Sales Consultant promptly, as they may enhance the listing. Note that photos should be high-resolution (approximately 1-2MB) and in landscape orientation.

Step 4: Online Publication of Your Boat Listing

Once you've finalised the Authority to Sell form and submitted ALL necessary documents, our administrative team will initiate the process of listing your boat on Flagship International Yacht Brokers website, various other online sales platforms, and across our social media channels. Additionally, your boat will be displayed physically within our pertinent sales office and distributed via e-Newsletters to clients in our database whose interests align with your boat's specifications. The listing procedure typically spans approximately 3 business days following the receipt of all requisite documents.

You'll receive a link to your online listing to review the details. Please carefully inspect all information and promptly notify us if any adjustments are required.

Step 5: Offers & Showings

Offers: For clients situated away from the boat in question, and prior to scheduling any viewings, we recommend that the Buyer opts for a formal document to establish mutual agreement on price and conditions. This step ensures alignment before the Buyer commits to extensive travel plans to inspect the boat. It affords the Buyer sufficient time to arrange travel and make an informed decision. At this juncture, the Buyer is required to submit a nominal Option Deposit, confirming their commitment. Upon mutual acceptance of this option document and receipt of the Option Deposit by the Buyer (held by Flagship International Yacht Brokers), the boat is reserved for that Buyer until their inspection occurs. During this period, the Seller cannot entertain other offers. The duration will be specified in the Option Document.

Viewings: Typically, viewings occur subsequent to an offer being made. However, there may be instances where in-person inspections take place without a formal offer. Your Sales Consultant will manage all inquiries and associated logistics. They will provide you with regular updates, at least on a monthly basis, to ensure the best possible price and conditions are secured for the successful sale of your boat.

Step 6: Offer Acceptance, Sales Contract & Refundable Deposit

If the Buyer decides to proceed with the purchase following their inspection, a Standard Purchase Agreement will be prepared and must be signed by both the Buyer and the Seller. While both parties have the option to include their own terms in the Standard Purchase Agreement, typically, a sale is contingent upon the outcome of the survey and sea trial process at a minimum. Additional conditions may involve financing, the sale of another vessel or property, or specific items being repaired or replaced. Subsequently, a 10% refundable deposit is required within 3 days of signing the Purchase Agreement to secure the vessel at the agreed-upon price.

Step 7: Sea Trial, Survey & Remediation

Survey: The Buyer has the option of engaging a surveyor of their choice to assess the vessel. This ensures they receive impartial advice on its condition and any potential, albeit unlikely, issues. For ethical reasons, Flagship International Yacht Brokers cannot select a surveyor for the Buyer, but we can offer a list of nearby surveyors to the boat's location.

Sea Trial: The Buyer may opt to arrange a sea trial at a mutually convenient time for themselves, the Sales Consultant, and the Buyer. Your Sales Consultant will handle all necessary arrangements for the survey and sea trial. Upon receiving the survey results and completing the sea trial, the Buyer may proceed with the purchase or raise any concerns with the Sales Consultant, who will then discuss them with you.

Survey and Sea Trial Costs: Typically, the Buyer covers all expenses related to the survey and haul in/out. In some instances, the Buyer may request the Seller to share some of these costs. If a skipper is needed for the sea trial or delivery, this expense is typically borne by the Seller. All arrangements must be coordinated through the Sales Consultant and approved by the Seller. Throughout, the boat remains covered by the Seller's insurance policy.

Remediation: Should it be determined that repairs are necessary to meet the advertised standard or the conditions of the Purchase Agreement, quotes can be obtained. If the Buyer and the Seller agree on the cost of these repairs, rather than delaying the sale, it's common to proceed with the sale at a discounted settlement price reflecting the agreed-upon repair value. The Buyer is not authorised to undertake any repairs until taking possession of the boat after settlement. Any repairs before settlement must be authorised in writing by the Seller. All negotiations will be managed by the Sales Consultant.

Step 8: Preparation for Settlement

Unconditional Acceptance Form: Upon fulfilling all conditions stipulated in the Purchase Agreement, the sale proceeds to unconditional status. The Buyer will be requested to sign the Unconditional Acceptance form. It's crucial to understand that at this juncture, the Buyer's deposit becomes non-refundable, signifying the irreversible commitment to purchase the vessel. This commitment enables the Sales Consultant to facilitate the following:

Encumbrance Check: Prior to settlement, our finance team conducts a thorough search on the Personal Property Securities Register to ensure clear title transfer from the Seller to the Buyer.

Signing of Original Bill of Sale Documents: Two Bill of Sale Documents will be dispatched for your signature. These documents must be promptly signed and returned to Flagship International Yacht Brokers (at least 1 week before settlement) to ensure availability for signing by the Seller at settlement. Failure to receive these documents by settlement date poses a risk of default. These original documents are exclusively handled by courier and may require some time for transport, depending on the Seller and Buyer's locations. Following final signing by the Seller, one original document will be provided to the Buyer and one to the Seller.

Final Payment: Transfer of the final settlement amount to Flagship International Yacht Brokers Trust Account is mandatory at least 48 hours before the settlement date/time. However, the earlier these funds are transferred, the greater the likelihood of meeting the settlement date.

Step 9: Settlement Process

Flagship International Yacht Brokers will oversee the settlement process at the agreed-upon date and time, acting as the intermediary for both the Buyer and the Seller. We serve as the security checkpoint during this pivotal stage, ensuring that documents and funds are held in trust until all parties are content and ready to proceed with settlement. As a member of esteemed organisations, Flagship International Yacht Brokers adheres strictly to the relevant industry's Code of Practice.

Bill of Sale Documents: Upon confirmation of cleared funds into Flagship International Yacht Brokers Trust Account and completion of all requisite document signings, Flagship International Yacht Brokers will facilitate the exchange of signed original Bill of Sale documents between the Seller and the Buyer.

Transfer of Funds: We will arrange for the transfer of funds from Flagship International Yacht Brokers Trust Account to the Seller. Depending on the banks involved and whether transfers are domestic or overseas, this process may take several days.

Registration Transfer: The Sales Consultant will assist the Buyer in selecting the necessary registration, and our administration team can aid in the registration procedure. Although the Buyer can initiate the registration process at any time, finalisation is contingent upon the Buyer possessing an original copy of the fully signed Bill of Sale, which will be provided by Flagship International Yacht Brokers at settlement. Subsequently, the Buyer can present the original signed Bill of Sale document to their state registration office to complete the registration process.

De-flag Certificates: In certain instances, a De-flag certificate (de-registration certificate) may be required from the Seller. Typically, the Seller initiates this process post-settlement finalisation. Flagship International Yacht Brokers will expedite the delivery of these documents to the Buyer as promptly as possible. If requested by the Buyer, a small portion of the settlement funds may be retained by Flagship International Yacht Brokers in trust until the Buyer confirms receipt of all necessary documentation.

Insurance: For the mutual benefit of both parties, we recommend that the Seller maintains their insurance policy until after the settlement date, while the Buyer should initiate their insurance policy before the settlement date. Flagship International Yacht Brokers can facilitate quotes from top marine insurance companies globally.

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