Sea Breeze III - Millkraft Sea Breeze III - In Survey

$3,250,000 AUD

  • Year1976

  • Length32m

  • Beam5.85 m

  • Draft1.6m

  • Cabins0

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Sea Breeze III - Millkraft Sea Breeze III - In Survey| AUD 3,250,000


SEA BREEZE III, originally christened ULYSSES, has a captivating history deeply embedded in its legacy, which began in 1974 when it was commissioned and meticulously constructed by the esteemed boat builders at Millkraft in Morton Bay, Queensland. This magnificent vessel, with an overall length of 32.2 meters, a beam of 5.9 meters, and a draft of 1.6 meters, boasts a construction of triple carvel planked Oregon on hardwood timbers, showcasing the craftsmanship of its era. Powered by twin 12V 71 Detroit marine diesel engines, SEA BREEZE III stands as a testament to maritime engineering and design. With its five levels, it exudes the grandeur and sophistication that were hallmarks of vessels from this era.

SEA BREEZE III has a captivating history woven through the legacies of its previous owners. In the years 1974 - 1976, this splendid vessel was meticulously crafted by the renowned boat builders at Millkraft in Brisbane, capturing the visionary spirit of its first owner, Keith Williams. Williams, an illustrious Australian entrepreneur, had a penchant for naming his boats after Greek mythology characters, and thus, ULYSSES embarked on its maiden voyage under his watchful care.

Keith Williams was no ordinary entrepreneur; he was the driving force behind the development of several iconic Queensland attractions, including Sea World where ULYSSES charmed many as an exploration vessel. However, the allure eventually yielded to the persuasions of Queensland industrialist Sir Leslie Thiess, who acquired the vessel approximately two years later. The Thiess family embarked on extensive cruises aboard ULYSSES, creating cherished memories for years to come.

Tragically, in 1994, Sir Leslie Thiess passed away, leading to the sale of ULYSSES by his estate. The vessel found a new home in the hands of New Zealand businessman Graeme Hart, who aspired to make it the cherished motor yacht of the Hart family. Before its journey to New Zealand, ULYSSES underwent a substantial transformation. Lloyds Ships Holdings in Brisbane was entrusted with an extensive refit project, which included lengthening the vessel to its current 30.48 meters, adding a cockpit and flybridge, and completely refurbishing the interior. This transformation also encompassed renewing or reconditioning all plumbing, electronics, electrical systems, and a fresh coat of paint, with a total cost of approximately $1.6 million.

ULYSSES then sailed to New Zealand and remained there until 1999 when it returned to Australia under the name SEA BREEZE III. The name change was a deliberate choice, as the Hart family was concurrently constructing a larger replacement vessel and wished to preserve the ULYSSES name. SEA BREEZE continued to grace the waters of Queensland and New South Wales during the Hart family's frequent visits to Australia until it found its way to its fourth owner, Andy Haigh, in 2008.

Under the dedicated care of Mr. Haigh, SEA BREEZE underwent another comprehensive refit, further enhancing its exceptional condition, with an investment of approximately $4 million. This vessel proved its seaworthiness through numerous cruises, including journeys to the Kimberleys and Fiji. However, in 2019, SEA BREEZE embarked on a new chapter when it was acquired by former America's Cup grinder Simon Greenwood and entrepreneur, Charlotte Devereux, both classic boat enthusiasts who brought fresh energy and ambition to its storied history.

SEA BREEZE returned to New Zealand where she underwent a substantial two-year, $3 million refit in the Whangarei yard of Oceania Marine, preserving its timeless beauty and adding modern functionality. Now under the banner of Boutique Superyachts and operated by Simon Greenwood and Charlotte Devereux, SEA BREEZE offers a blend of classic charm and contemporary luxury. The refit included extensive renovations to accommodate commercial luxury charters, including a redesigned upper aft deck, collusion bulkhead, improved access stairs, and upgraded electrical systems to meet survey standards.

Notable enhancements were made in the machinery space, with the twin 12V 71 Detroit engines receiving attention, along with the installation of a new water maker and tank monitoring system, a smoke detector system and CCTV cameras in the engine room. The vessel offers luxurious accommodations for six guests in three cabins, showcasing a master suite with a super-king bed and separate bathroom facilities, as well as two twin-berth cabins with separate ensuites.

Throughout this meticulous transformation, SEA BREEZE III's historical essence has been faithfully preserved. All the original interior furniture has been lovingly kept and meticulously restored, allowing passengers to bask in the bygone era of maritime elegance. The intricate parquet floor, a feature rarely found on modern vessels, has been painstakingly reconditioned to its former glory.

Moreover, the vessel still proudly boasts its original 1970s intercom phone system, complete with vintage phones in all the cabins, galley, wheelhouse, and salon. Additionally, SEA BREEZE III carries a Sailor branded Single Side Band radio, which harks back to the old way of communicating via radio waves around the globe. These authentic touches, along with the opulent gold leafed bathroom sinks and other distinctive features, serve as a narrative of SEA BREEZE's rich history as a classic wooden first superyacht. They encapsulate the vessel's enduring charm and evoke the spirit of a bygone era, ensuring that SEA BREEZE III remains a living testament to its extraordinary heritage.


  • Make / Model: Millkraft Sea Breeze III - In Survey
  • Year: 1976
  • Length: 32m
  • Beam: 5.85 m
  • Draft: 1.6m
  • Displacement: 128 GT
  • Water: 4,020 L
  • Fuel: 9600 Litres
  • Designer: Ricky Smith Designs
  • Builder: Millkraft Boatyard Pty
  • Hull Material: Timber
  • Engine: 12V 71 TI
  • Engine Make: General Motors
  • HorsePower: 503 kW | 675 HP
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Max Speed: 15 KN
  • Cruise Speed: 10 KN - approx. 65/L per hour at 10kn.
  • Propulsion: Shaft Drive
  • Genset: Northern Lights - port - 24kva approx. 7k hrs. Northern Lights starboard- 16 kva approx. 1k hrs.
  • Dinghy: Boat tender: Brigg Falcon 420 tender (new), 7 person, with 60 hp 4 stroke Yamaha outboard. Boat dinghy: Portable RIB with 2 hp Yamaha outboard
  • Shower: 4 x showers and 1 x outdoor shower
  • Toilet: Toilets:Raritan x 5
  • Galley: 1 x Fisher and Paykel galley fridge, 1 x 4 hob gas oven, 1 x Asko Dishwasher
  • Refrigeration: 1 x 800 litre freezer, 1 x 500 litre lazerette fridge / freezer, 1 x 2000 litre beverage fridge, 1 x 200 litre bar fridge, 1 x Fisher and Paykel galley fridge
  • Water Maker: 6,720 litre per day - last service 6 months ago.
  • Hot Water System: 150L 240V Rheem hot water system
  • Life Raft: Two x new 12 person liferafts, 100 lifejackets.
  • Electrics: 12,24,240 Volt, 3 phase shore power Batteries: All new at last refit 2021. - 4 x house - 4 x mains - 2 x genset - 6 x radio

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